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Roofing Insulation (Max.Foil)

Scorching heat from the sun radiates thru roof structures and transmits into our indoor environment; more prominently felt inside houses and factory buildings. The Max.Foil radiant barrier reduces that heat radiation, giving a cooler and consistent atmosphere. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE Thermal insulation long lasting Easy installation Enhanced building durability All-weather comfort PRODUCT INFO Our roofing insulation […]

Cooler bags

Moving forward with new age packing in cold logistics, our Made in Malaysia Cooler Bags offer a great solution to the many melting ice creams & cakes, or soggy cosmetic creams that arrive at your doorsteps. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE Portable Thermal protection Reusable Temperature retention Food and beverage freshness Hygienic storage Protective packaging Made with RoHS-compliant […]

Inflatable Bag

This inflatable air column bag is sold in the form of an elegant flat sheet plastic wound into a roll form. It is a useful air cushion material that protects any breakable product, but without storing trapped air and increasing its bulk. Only when its needed, unwrap the roll and fill it with air. Thereby […]

Stretch Film

This is a commonly-used packaging material in shipping, storage and transportation of goods because of its versatility, flexibility and effectiveness as a packaging solution. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE Stretchable clear / black Multi Size Protection against dust and moisture. Versatile packaging solution Minimized risk of tampering Cost effective material solution BENEFITS Secure Protection – Excellent protection against […]

Bubble Mailer (

hand hold yellow paper bubble envelope top view

Isn’t it great to just place products into an envelope, secure it and send it out without the hassle of first measuring, cutting, wrapping, taping and taping again? That’s why the Mail.Me padded envelope is such an amazing product. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE Self-sealing Water-resistant Enhanced product presentation Made from eco-friendly material Convenient sealing Protective layers BENEFITS […]

PE Foam

Foam pieces against dark background

PE Foam is made of poly-ethylene which has grown in popularity as a more environmentally-friendly alternative to styrofoam (polystyrene, or PS). It is cleaner, easier to recycle, more durable and better protects sensitive products in transit. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE Coloured variety Multi-Layered cut to size Enhanced product protection Lightweight and easy handling Safe and secure packaging […]

Bubble Wrap

Woman Unpacking Vase

Needing to pop the stress away? Or pack and store fragile goods? BUBBLE WRAP made by Poly-Max are renowned and sought after for our material’s durability, consistent quality, and variety of choices. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE pre-cut sheets custom diameter Excellent cushioning Shock absorption Easy to use Protective packaging BENEFITS Proprietary blend of unique plastic resins are […]

OPP Tape

OPP tape, also known as BOPP tape (biaxially-oriented polypropelene tape), is a commonly used adhesive tape that is widely used in packaging and sealing applications. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE strong bonding tear-resistant Reliable adhesion Strong and durable all purpose adhesive BENEFITS Strong Adhesion – Can hold together even the heaviest and most irregular-shaped items. It ensures your […]