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PE Foam

PE Foam is made of poly-ethylene which has grown in popularity as a more environmentally-friendly alternative to styrofoam (polystyrene, or PS). It is cleaner, easier to recycle, more durable and better protects sensitive products in transit.

Coloured variety


cut to size

Made with Low Density PE (LDPE) resin, the Expanded Polyethylene Foam (or PE Foam for short) offers many benefits for packing a multitude of products. Beneficial properties include;
  • highly resilient
  • buoyant
  • lightweight
  • shock absorbent
  • water resistant
  • flexible
  • odorless
  • non-toxic
  • strong cushioning properties
It’s no wonder PE Foam has become a packaging material of choice for many industries, especially those producing equipment needing strong cushioning during transportation.

Virgin LDPE plastic resins are melted and transferred through a screw in a barrel. High-pressure gas is then injected to foam the liquid plastic. Imagine injecting pressurised steam into cold milk to froth cappucinos, and you get the picture. The resulting foamed PE (a.k.a. Expanded PE Foam) is forced through a small die opening, expanding many times its original thickness as it exits into atmospheric pressure (open air).
We use solar energy in our manufacturing, reducing our carbon footprint by 25%, making our PE Foam greener than before.
PE Foam can be extruded to conform to various specifications – width, thickness, length and colour.

Sheet, Die Cut & Bag


PE Foam normally comes wound in large rolls. However, it can be converted into other shapes and forms for instant application.
These various options are custom made to the customer’s specification so that they can save on time, manpower cost and material wastage during packaging.

Extruded Profile

Common profile structures are solid pipe, hollow pipe, L and C shapes.

Die Cut Stamping

The PE Foam is cut into precision-designed shapes, using a stamping machine to churn them out in large quantities.

Pouch / Bag

Small or large, 2-side or 3-side seal, with or without flap, there are customisable solutions available.

Multi-layered Planks

Multiple layers of PE Foam is heat-bonded to form robust planks with thickness of 10mm to more than 100mm, and then cut to size.

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