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PE Foam

Bubble wrap

stretch film

bubble mailer

opp tape

cooler bags

roofing insulation

inflatable bag

Global Standards

Our materials are RoHS and REACH compliant, ensuring problem-free protection and access for your products to world markets.

Professional Certification

Our manufacturing processes are ISO-certified, proof of our commitment to quality consistency, so as to avoid costly mistakes.

Environmental Sensitivity

We invest in sustainable practices to reduce our carbon footprint, and because we know our customers care about our home planet too.

Personalised Solutions

Knowing and understanding what our customers want help us make products that increase their packaging efficiency, and reduce cost.

Global Standards

Ensures compliance, facilitates trade, improves quality, safety, and efficiency, enhances reputation, fosters innovation.

Professional Certification

Clients benefit from working with professionally certified companies through increased trust, adherence to industry standards, and higher quality service.

Environmental Sensitivity

Incorporate sustainable practices, reduce carbon footprint, and prioritize eco-friendly products to demonstrate environmental sensitivity.

Personalised Solutions

Customized solutions increase customer satisfaction, drive better results, and provide a unique and tailored experience.


Our plastic packaging solutions exceed the need of our customers in a growing number of industries

A manufacturing business bubble-wrapped for all weathers

Established in 2007, Poly-Max Sdn Bhd is today the largest manufacturer of Expanded PE (EPE) Foam and Bubble Wrap products in Malaysia. Leadership by a hands-on team of dedicated professionals, and strategically diversifying our core products, have enabled us to grow exponentially. 

Products that are well built, and built to last.


Speak to us. We love a good challenge to come up with a product design that will set tongues wagging.

At Poly-Max, we believe in actively listening to our customers because they know best what they need. We remain relevant by meeting changing demands.


Sustainable practices and solutions to help protect our planet

Our investment in green manufacturing is not just a fashionable thing to do, it’s our stake in the future of our planet. We’re here for the long haul.

Engineer working setup Solar panel at the roof top. Engineer or worker work on solar panels or solar

Our customer-service teams are active listeners and are trained to think outside the box

All customers want packaging solutions that help increase their efficiency in delivering goods. We listen to understand, and then we innovate and we grow with them.

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