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Isn’t it great to just place products into an envelope, secure it and send it out without the hassle of first measuring, cutting, wrapping, taping and taping again? That’s why the Mail.Me padded envelope is such an amazing product.



yellow paper bubble envelope on table
Lining the insides with our quality bubble wrap, we created a convenient bubble mailer pouch with just the right protection that looks great. 
Here are the plus points:

  • 2-in-1 pouch for storage convenience
  • Well-padded on the inside with strong bubble wrap
  • Well-protected on the outside to keep out water, dirt, sunlight and prying eyes
  • Ease-of-use for operators
  • Shorter packing time
  • Single-use sealing flap that uses high-quality German pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Waterproof seals at the side to weather any external conditions
  • Lightweight, for lower shipping costs
The Mail.Me envelopes are Made in Malaysia using Brown Virgin Kraft Paper or White Poly Film, both offering different benefits in our standard sizes:

  • #XS – (o)4” x (H)6”
  • #S – (o)6” x (H)9”
  • #M – (o)9” x (H)13”
  • #L – (o)11” x (H)15”
  • #XL – (o)14” x (H)19”

On Brown Kraft paper, a punched tab on the folding flap lets recipient tear open a USE ONCE liner, giving an added security layer knowing the contents within the envelope has not been tampered with.
On White Poly film, the durable coex (multi-layer) film that we use ensures protection of contents from external physical damage, even under rain or shine.

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