Bubble Wrap is a packaging material made up of many tiny air pockets that differ from PE Foam by being made in a clear and transparent film layer. They’re made into Single Layer or Double Layer, in width of 1.0M to 1.5M and length of 100M. Both types can be made into roll, sheet, bag, die-cut shapes, similar to PE Foam.

Alternative Bubble Wrap rolls can be laminated with a layer of PE Foam (called PE Bubble) or aluminium foil (called Aluminium Bubble).

  • Air Pocket

  • Transparent

  • Protective
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– Single layer, Double layer, 10mm diameter, 25mm diameter, Plain, Antistatic Pink


– Variety of custom-made shapes

Pre-Cut Sheets

– Easy pull away pieces for immediate layering pad

Sealed Bag

– 2-side seal, 3-side seal


– With PE Foam, Kraft paper, Poly Film, metallised/Aluminium Foil